Silk Touch Microfibre Bath Robe

Silk Touch Microfibre Bath Robe


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Features and Benefits:

- Microfibre 300GSM robe
- Silk-touch for premium softness
- Commercially washable, fast-drying, and hypoallergenic
- Unisex Bath Robe - One Size
- Available in white

The Silk-Touch Microfibre Bath Robe is for the comfort-seekers. Luxuriously soft and brimming with washing benefits, these microfibre bath robes offer premium comfort whether you're stepping out of the shower or lounging about. The white 300GSM microfibre is behind the robes' hygienic, absorbent, and ultra-soft feel as well as its myriad of servicing benefits. Whether you're a business looking to treat your guests or a household hoping to slip into a five-star experience from the comforts of your own home, the luxurious Silk Touch Microfibre Bath Robe is a keeper.


Premium Softness & Quality

The Silk-Touch Microfibre Bath Robe is where comfort meets decadence. While the micro-fibre offers a silk-touch sensation, the robe's plush-like feel offers a snug fit that is as warm as it is comfortable. Whether guests are lounging about or getting warm after a shower, the silk-touch robe is a thoughtful addition to their stay and one they won't easily want to take off. Combining comfort and function with a touch of class, it's no wonder these robes are often re-purchased by previous buyers as gifts for friends and family.


Commercial Ease

Thanks to its microfibre composition, the Silk-Touch Microfibre Bath Robes is brimming with washing and hygiene benefits. Its composition is not only breathable but also elevates the garment's level of hygiene promoting a clean, visually appealing surface. The fibres are shrink-resistant, which means robes will not lose their shape and structure over time. The fabric's durability helps the robes withstand the effects of commercial laundering and improves the garment's overall longevity ensuring your get years of comfort out of your robe investment. After each wash, these robes are fast-drying and aid in a quick and easy turnaround your staff will love.