Soft Hotel Sateen Stripe Quilt Cover

Soft Hotel Sateen Stripe Quilt Cover

Soft Standard

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Features and benefits:

- Timeless white striped finish for a luxurious look-and-feel
- 250TC 10mm Stripe
- 50% cotton | 50% polyester
- Washing ease you will love
- Wrinkle-resistant and low shrinkage 
- Perfect for domestic and commercial use
- Envelope style 
- Available in 4 sizes, standard sizing with flange

Treat your guests to the luxurious Hotel Sateen Stripe Soft Quilt Cover - an upgrade from our standard white bedding brings a heightened level of sophistication in both look and feel. Its crisp white finish speaks to premium hygiene and comfort only made more appealing by its timeless stripes. The fabric’s composition means guests can enjoy the fortified, wrinkle-resistant perks of polyester as well as the soft, breathable comforts of cotton. 

Easy-to-wash and quick to dry, this doona’s quick turnaround means your staff will love it as much as your guests do.


SB - 145x215cm
DB - 185x215cm 
QB - 215x215cm
KB - 245x215cm

Luxurious Rest

The Soft Quilt Cover lets your guests know they’re being taken care of. From the minute guests lay their eyes on it to the moment they slip beneath its comfort, this doona lets your guests know their rest and stay are a priority. The timeless look and fit of the doona adds a luxurious look and feel to the ambience and utility of the room. Thanks to the polyester in the composition, the bedding is wrinkle-resistant ensuring it remains visually appealing and inviting. 


Staff Bliss

With its low shrinkage, wrinkle-resistance, and fortified fibres it’s no wonder that our quilt cover is loved by staff too. The fabric composition ensures your bedding will withstand years of laundering while maintaining its polished look and feel. Each size is intentionally oversized for a quick turnaround and a luxurious finish, perfect for deep mattresses. 



Standard quilt and quilt covers tend to lose their luxurious feel after a lot of washes. Luckily, our quilt cover was designed with longevity in mind. The 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton ensures the fabric is as durable as it is comfortable to use treating guests for years to come. So no need to break the bank on constantly replacing quilt cover sets, just invest in the best and let our soft quilt cover handle the rest.

Please note: Quilt covers and pillowcases sold separately