What does ‘Thread Count’ mean?

Thread Count is simply the total threads in 10 square centimetres, IT DOES NOT DETERMINE QUALITY, it’s the quality of the yarn and the machinery and the weave type that does. A 310 thread count sheet can be soft and light, while a 1000 thread count would be soft and dense. In the end; go with the thread count that you prefer and what luxurious sheets feel wonderful on your skin!

Night sweats? I’m confused, do I add a blanket or a doona? We’ve got this sorted for you…

We’ve all experienced the “I’m so hot!“ & throw off the sheets, during the night. We begin to sweat as a natural body cooling function. When we are chilled, we sweat - this is called hypothermia. First rule is layering… second rule…. use ONLY compatible, non-sweating products such as our microfibre blankets, doonas (200gsm), pillows, toppers (800gsm) and protectors (100gsm). They all have the naturally breathability that you’re looking for.Weight doesn’t equal warmth, so thick, heavy items are not the answer guys!

What sheeting should I choose? Cotton blends vs 100% cotton…

Believe it or not, cotton is not stable & is subject to shrinkage, fire and wearing out! Most consumers don’t realise that 50/50 polyester cotton is far superior to cotton used on its own. mainlinen’s sheeting range (also available to the public) is up to 50% stronger than its 100% cotton counterpart. Polyester blending greatly improves all aspects of your sheeting. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

When to Replace your Pillow?

We recommend replacing your pillow every year or 2! Why? There is a very good reason for this. Every evening that you sleep on your pillow causes it to absorb body oil, dead skin cells, and hair, sounds awful right? Over time this can make your pillow have an unsual odour and can present the problem of dust mites. It also depends on how your treat your pillow. Using a good quilted pillow protector is ideal and this should be washed at least 2 times a month! Regular washing keeps of the protector keeps the pillow clean & fresh. The Guest Fresh Microfibre Pillows in our range are hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, non-hypothermic and can be machine washed gently if need be but this is not necessary. Always use a pillow protector on Latex and Feather and Down pillows for longevity and washability as these pillows can be tricky to wash at all!

What’s all the buzz with Microfibre products there days

Don’t be mistaken friends, “Microfibre” is a polyester but it is of a very high quality and in being so, it is a considerably finer in yarn diameter. The true meaning is “less than one denier in thickness.” mainlinen Microfibre doonas, blankets, mattress toppers and mattress protectors have awesome thermal properties & can be used all year round (simply add a stylish blanket in the cooler months). Fully machine washable, microfibre products are incredibly fast drying. Great for the budget conscience too as it is priced in the affordable range of doonas. Our entire Microfibre range is hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, non-hypothermic, stain and flame resistant.

Why is Eco-Friendly and Hypoallergenic so important?

Cause it’s the right thing to do! We think it’s our duty to provide environmentally friendly solutions to our customers. Our microfibre range is ‘Eco-friendly’ and made from recycled products. Furthermore, you can have peace of mind when purchasing our high quality, commercial linen knowing you have made the environmentally-friendly choice due to its extended working life and reduced laundering times. This means reducing your energy usage and saving you money. Hypoallergenic is a term used mostly in the cosmetics and textiles industry meaning “unlikely to cause an allergic reaction”. Our hypoallergenic product range is ideal for allergy sufferers & children who may need to have their bedding washed more often due to little accidents. As modern fabric technology has improved so has public demand for more hygienic products and our mainlinen range offers just this.

Importance of Washing

All of our high quality products are made to withstand years of laundering & won’t compromise the integrity of the fabrics. Our products always maintain durability and rapid wash performance & are sanforised and mercerised treated (anti-pill and anti-shrink). Our Guest Fresh brand requires less heat for less time, which means less energy =- big savings! Hint - minimal detergent maximum drying is essential, retained moisture means residual smell. TIP! When laundering bedding it is important not to overstuff the washing machine.