Commercial White SHEETING

Crisp Hotel Pillowcases


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Features & Benefits:

- Crisp and white for a professional look-and-feel
- Breathable fibres
- Washing ease your staff will love
- Low shrinkage
- Perfect for commercial use
- Generous sizing
- Available in fitted or flat styles

Our White Commercial Pillowcases combine durability and comfort in promoting quality, restful sleep. The pillowcases’ rich fibre composition blends the soft, crispness of cotton with the wrinkle-resisting strength of polyester for a pillow as soft as it is long-lasting. The fabric guards against overheating too (a cause of poor sleep) by ensuring guests stay cool and unbothered throughout the night.

Since the Commercial Pillowcase was designed to be enjoyed within a commercial setting, its composition lends itself to a quick and easy turnaround your guests will love. Each case is easy to wash and dry and, with sufficient care, will see to years of satisfying sleep. Its crisp and timeless white finish means the pillows are as visually pleasing as they are dreamy to sleep on.


STD - 50x75+15cm 
KING - 52x95+15cm 


Commercial Ease

Our Commercial Pillowcases are comprised of a rich fibre blend designed with hospitality in mind. The 50/50 polyester and cotton composition combine the best of both worlds by providing robust, low shrinkage, and crease-free durability of the polyester to extend the longevity of each case. The pillowcases are intentionally oversized to work with the cases' washing ease in promoting a quick and easy turnaround.


Superior Sleep

A pillow can make or break a night's sleep which is why commercial and domestic settings love the dual benefits of our pillowcases. The pillow's breathable fibres help keep things hygienic while the cotton ensures things are soft to the touch for maximum comfort and restful sleep.



So much more than a standard pillowcase, our commercial pillowcase offers long-lasting durability. The greatest advantage is the strength of added polyester fibers which work with and not against the comfort and softness of the cotton fabric. As the pillowcase fabric is wrinkle and shrink resistant, the hotel laundering process ensures less wear and tear for premium longevity and durability.