Heavenly Hotel Mattress Topper Guest Fresh 850gsm

Heavenly Hotel Mattress Topper Guest Fresh 850gsm

Guest Fresh

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Known for its dreamy cosiness and superior softness, the Guest Fresh Heavenly microfibre mattress topper is for the comfort-seekers. The topper is an inexpensive way to breathe life back into an old mattress or simply elevate the element of luxury within a bedding setup. Though it is known and loved for its softness, our mattress topper also offers premium protection that enhances the hygiene of your mattress. The topper earns its “Heavenly” reputation by being as blissful for guests as it is for staff thanks to its superior commercial wash performance. 

With its ability to elevate comfort, softness, and hygiene, the Guest Fresh hotel quality mattress topper is a sure way to treat your guests to the restorative powers of an excellent night’s sleep. After all, a good sleep makes for happy guests. 


Features and benefits:

- 850GSM microfibre hotel mattress topper
- Deluxe microfibre casing
- Superior comfort and softness
- Elevates hygiene by creating a buffer zone
- Designed to withstand commercial washing
- Fitted style mattress topper with a generous 40cm sidewall
- 6 size options


SB - 91x203+40cm 
LSB (King Split) - 92x203+40cm 
KSB - 107x203+40cm
DB - 137x188+40cm 
QB - 152x203+40cm 
KB - 183x203+40cm 


Luxurious Hotel Comfort 

Guests will feel more like they’re slipping into a cloud than a bed thanks to the superior quality fill and softness of the Guest Fresh Heavenly Mattress Topper. Its composition of 850GSM microfibre ensures the softness of the topper adds noticeable added comfort and softness while also doubling as a buffer that improves both hygiene and mattress protection. It can be used to revamp the comfort of an old mattress or simply incorporated to treat guests to superior sleep. No matter its application, this hotel quality topper turns something as ordinary as sleep into a luxurious treat your guests will remember. The Guest Fresh hotel quality topper is best paired with our commercial-grade waterproof mattress protector to ensure your bedding setup is as hygienic and durable as it is luxuriously comfortable. 


Commercial Ease 

Since the microfibre mattress topper was made for commercial use, it was designed to promote washing ease and a quick turnaround. The generous 40cm sidewall means the hotel topper can be easily applied and removed between washing. Thanks to its microfibre composition, commercial washing will not affect the topper’s maximum shape retention or ability to provide premium softness and comfort for your guests.