Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector

Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector

Guest Fresh

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Much like our Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector, the Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector is a triple threat that increases the longevity of your mattress, creates a hygienic environment, and is brimming with washing benefits to speed up servicing. This protector differentiates by offering a strapped style fit that is perfect for commercial settings where a quick and easy turnaround is needed. 

The quilted cover improves the lifespan of a mattress by creating a buffer zone thanks to the absorbent microfibre that soaks up any undesirable stains, odours, and bacteria. Though also suitable for domestic use, the Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector thrives in a commercial setting where the hygiene of your guests, longevity, and staff satisfaction are front of mind. This protector comes highly recommended to any business looking for the quality of the Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector that’s easier on the wallet. 


Features and benefits:

- 100gsm microfibre quilted mattress protector 
- Extra strong elastic straps
- Improves the lifespan of your mattress
- Composed of microfibre that absorbs unwanted bacteria, spills, and stains
- Washing ease and low shrinkage for a quick turnaround
- 40cm and elasticated sidewall
- 6 size options


Single - 92x190cm 
Long Single (King Split) - 91x203cm 
King Single - 107x203cm
Double - 138x188cm
Queen - 152x203cm 
King - 183x203cm 


Elevated hygiene 

The Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector upholds the cleanliness and expands the lifespan of your mattress by doing two things exceptionally well: It creates a physical buffer zone that keeps the mattress shielded while its absorbent microfibre deal with any unwanted spills and bacteria. This quilted cover lives up to its name without having any effect on the support and comfort of the mattress it is protecting. 

With regular cleaning, The Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector will add years to the life of your mattress to ensure the enjoyment and health of your guests are prioritised for years to come. 


Commercial Bliss 

The Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector feels right at home in commercial use. Designed to withstand commercial washing with no shrinkage, the protector maintains its shape and firm fit for years. Its sturdy elastic straps further improve servicing by providing your staff with a quick and easy mechanism to strip the mattress topper off.



Mattress protectors are worth their weight in gold because a quality mattress is a serious investment and your protector will do exactly that: protect your investment. By creating a buffer zone and hygienic environment, the Guest Fresh Strapped Mattress Protector improves the longevity of your mattress ensuring years of use.