Guest Fresh Hotel Pillow Protector Quilted

Guest Fresh Hotel Pillow Protector Quilted

Guest Fresh

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Features and benefits:

- 100% microfibre quilted pillow protector
- 100gsm quilted 
- Hypoallergenic
- Protects your pillow from unwanted stains, dust, and allergens
- Microfibre inside and out for longevity 
- Strong zipper closure 
- Machine washable
- Fast drying 
- Available in two sizes

No matter the setting, commercial or domestic, the Guest Fresh Quilted Pillow Protector is a two birds-one stone approach to elevated pillow performance. The thick and ultra-comfortable protector creates a protective barrier between your pillow and pillowcase that keeps the environment hygienic and safe from any unwanted spills, allergens, or dust mites.

The quilted microfibre adds comfort and ensures the protector can mould to the shape of the head and neck without losing its shape. To promote durability and speedy turnarounds, these pillow protectors are commercially washable and protected with a zipper for easy application and removal.

If you're a business or household wishing to maintain premium hygiene and relaxation, the Guest Fresh Quilted Pillow Protector is an excellent way to protect and add to the longevity of your pillow investment.


STD – 50x70cm
KING – 50x88cm

Luxurious Comfort

Our pillow protector's comfort draws from three factors: its quilted microfibre, its thickness, and its woven inner material. These combined elements create a barrier between the pillow and the pillowcase that elevates the overall user experience of the pillow in both comfort and hygiene. While the woven inner material adds thickness, the fabric's quilting easily moulds to the body without ever losing shape. Make no mistake, this pillow protector transforms the comforts of an ordinary pillow into a luxuriously hygienic treat your guests will remember.


Improved Hygiene

The Guest Fresh Quilted Pillow Protector adds comfort while protecting and adding to the longevity of a pillow. The 100GSM material creates a buffer zone that protects your pillow from unwanted spills, stains, allergens, and dust mites. The elevated hygiene adds years of use to your pillow investment while keeping unsightly stains and unpleasant odours at bay.


Peak Performance

Our Quilted Pillow Protector boasts dual benefits that make it a must for any commercial setting looking to earn a reputation for superior comfort and hygiene. Designed for the hospitality industry, they are machine washable and easy to remove making for a quick turnaround time that your staff will love.