Commercial White SHEETING

Crisp Hotel Bed Linen


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Features & Benefits:

- Crisp and white for a professional look-and-feel
- Breathable fibres
- Washing ease your staff will love
- Low shrinkage
- Perfect for commercial use
- Generous flat sheet sizing
- Available in fitted or flat styles

The maker of a good rest is excellent bed linen and the start of any good bedding set-up is a supreme, crisp sheet. Perfect for any domestic or commercial setting, our white commercial bed linen is ageless in a classic white making it as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch. This bedsheet has a fitted finish with fibres cool enough to ensure guests can control their desired temperature and enjoy uninterrupted sleep. The fabric's rich fibre blend combines the soft, crispness of cotton with the fortified, wrinkle-resistant strength of polyester- a treat for both guests and staff.


SB - Flat 180x290cm | Fitted 92x190+35cm     
KSB - Flat 200x290cm | Fitted 107x203+35cm 
DB - Flat 230x290cm | Fitted 138x190+35cm
QB - Flat 250x290cm | Fitted 153x203+35cm   
KB - Flat 290x290cm | Fitted 183x203+35cm 
STD Pillowcase - 52x75+15cm 
KING Pillowcase - 52x95+15cm

Professional Ease

Our sheets are made with hospitality in mind and consist of a high-quality weave that reduces fabric stretch and wear to increase the sheet's longevity. The 50/50 polyester and cotton composition means the comfort of your guests is taken care of while the robust, low shrinkage, and crease-free durability of the polyester and intentionally oversized sheets ensures a quick service turnaround that your staff will appreciate.

Maximum Comfort

Quality bed linen is the literal foundation of a good night's sleep. Since overheating is the number one cause of poor rest, we have ensured our commercial sheets are breathable and cool enough to allow guests to adjust their level of preferred warmth via the blanket cover of their choice. The breathable fibres help keep things hygienic while the cotton ensures things are soft to the touch for maximum comfort and restful sleep.


Though the fabric is a crowd-pleaser and delight for staff to use, its strength is its greatest advantage as it ensures easily-serviceable, premium sheets made affordable because they provide years of use and enjoyment. Since the fabric is wrinkle and shrink resistant, its washing process ensures less wear and tear proving premium longevity and durability. Often hotels have to choose between quality and price/longevity - with our crisp commercial bed linen, your guest's bedrooms get the best of both worlds.