Hotel Bed Bundle II - Flat & Flat

Hotel Bed Bundle II - Flat & Flat

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Hotel Bed Bundle Flat & Flat is ideal for the Hotel, Airbnb Industry or anyone at home who does not enjoy the challenge of folding a fitted sheet however still likes a bottom one plus when bundled together you SAVE! 

Included within the bundle is our Crisp 50% cotton / 50% polyester Crisp Sheeting

Bundle Includes:

SINGLE : 2 x Flat Sheet 180x290cm + 1 x STD Pillowcase 52x74+15cm

LONG SINGLE : 2 x Flat Sheet 180x290cm + 1 x STD Pillowcase 52x74+15cm

KING SINGLE : 2 x Flat Sheet 200x290cm + 1 x STD Pillowcase 52x74+15cm 

DOUBLE : 2 x Flat Sheet 230x290cm + 2 x STD Pillowcases 52x74+15cm

QUEEN : 2 x Flat Sheet 250x290cm + 2 x STD Pillowcases 52x74+15cm

KING : 2 x Flat Sheet 290x290cm + 2 x STD Pillowcases 52x74+15cm

Hotels often prefer flat sheeting over fitted sheeting for serval reasons, and commercial laundries may find it challenging to wash and iron fitted sheeting due to various operational reasons. 

Reasons for Hotels Preferring Flat Sheeting:

Ease of Laundering: Simpler design without elastic corners
Durability: Flat sheets tend to be more durable than fitted sheets, as they are less prone to wear and tear, especially at the corners
Versatility: Flat sheets can be used in multiple ways, including as top/dress sheets
Standardisation: Flat sheets provide a standardisation bedding option that fits various mattress sizes within the need for specific mattress heights 
Ease of Folding: This! 

Benefits of incorporating Polyester within Hotel Bed Linen:

Durability: Polyester fibres add strength and durability to the fabric, making it more resistant to tearing, stretching and abrasion compared to pure cotton
Wrinkle Resistance: Polyester fabrics are less prone to wrinkling than cotton
Shrink Resistance: The blend of cotton and polyester helps minimise shrinkage during washing and drying, ensuring that the sheets retain their original sizing and shape over time
Quick Drying: Polyester fibres have moisture-wicking properties that allows the sheets to dry quicker than pure cotton sheets, reducing drying time and energy consumption
Easy Care: Polyester-cotton blends are relatively low maintenance and easy to care for, requiring less ironing