Guest First Luxury Feather & Down Pillow

Guest First Luxury Feather & Down Pillow

Guest First

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Five-star bedding makes for five-star rest which is why the Guest First 50/50 Feather & Down Pillow is loved far and wide. Their natural fibre composition and providing premium comfort have seen them adopted as the exclusive flagship pillow of the Holiday Inn Resorts worldwide. Though designed to thrive in commercial settings, these hotel pillows are highly sought after for personal use by many of the guests who try them and wish to enjoy the same luxuries from the comfort of their homes.

Whether you're a business incorporating them into your bed linen setup/ guest pillow menu or a household looking for premium bedding, the Guest First hotel pillows are a sure way to add a level of decadence to your rest.

Features and benefits:

- Natural Fibre composition of 50% feathers and 50% duck down 
- 100% cotton Japara outer (233 thread count) DuPont barrier coated/treated down proof cover
- Like sleeping on a cloud
- Three different profiles easily distinguished by coloured labels. 
- Two size options
- The official Holiday Inn pillows


Standard – 48x70cm
King – 50x90cm

Soft- pink label
Medium - grey label
Firm- yellow label
Please note the piping is now white, not coloured

An International Hit

The Guest First 50/50 Pillows have gained popularity within the hospitality industry and beyond. As the flagship pillow of Holiday Inn Resorts, these crowd-pleasers have been highly sought after by many guests who were completely won over by the natural pillow's decadent comfort. It goes without saying that a good night's sleep can be highly motivating and this pillow's ability to win over the hearts and minds of both businesses and their guests speaks for itself.


A Natural Choice

To keep guests satisfied, it makes a lot of sense to have feather pillows on your menu. If they call asking for a natural pillow, the Guest First 50/50 hotel quality pillow will provide a great night's sleep. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to personal preferences in the hospitality industry so make sure you are prepared!


Luxury Meets Comfort

The softness of these hotel pillows comes down to their natural composition: 50% feathers 50% white duck down provides premium comfort that is soft and comfortable while still providing enough soft support to cradle the neck and spine. The filling is encased in a 100% cotton Japara outer (233 thread count) that is coated to prevent any feather spines from poking through ensuring sleep is restful and uninterrupted. The duck down and feather pillow has the ability to both hold its form and provide a melting sensation - probably a big part of how it's come to be loved and adopted all over the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Piping on the new shipments is white


Please Note

As a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, we kindly ask you to choose carefully, as we are unable to accept returns on pillows due to health regulations.