Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector

Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector

Guest Fresh

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Features and benefits:

- 120gsm quilted mattress protector improving the lifespan of your mattress
- Deep 40cm stretch side-wall
- Composed of microfibre that absorbs unwanted bacteria, spills, and stains
- Washing ease and fast drying for a quick turnaround
- Size labels for easy identification 
- 40cm and elasticated sidewall
- 6 size options

Our Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector not only promotes mattress longevity but also prioritises the comfort and health of your guests. As the name suggests, the quilted cover boosts the lifespan of a mattress by creating a protective layer composed of absorbent microfibre that is easy to clean and change. No matter the setting, the Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector is a must for any business or household looking to extend bed longevity and maintain premium standards of hygiene and freshness. 


SB - 90x190+40cm 
LSB (King Split) - 91x203+40cm
KSB - 107 x 203+40cm 
DB - 138x188+40cm 
QB - 152x203+40cm 
KB - 183x203+40cm 


Supreme Hygiene

The Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector improves the longevity of a mattress by keeping it fresh, hygienic, and protected. Without having any effect on the comfort of your mattress, the protector’s absorbent fibres do the heavy lifting ensuring your mattress is free of any unwanted bacteria, spills, and stains. 

With regular cleaning, this mattress protector will add years to the life of your mattress so that each and every guest enjoys a bed that is as inviting as it is clean and fresh. 



The Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector has many washable benefits that help you save time and money. Designed to withstand commercial washing, the protector is durable and guarded against wear and tear. The fibres are shrink-proof so their shape and fit will remain throughout years of use. Its elasticated side and 40cm wide sidewall make for a quick and easy fit.



Promoting the longevity of your mattress is as simple as investing in and maintaining a premium mattress protector. Our Guest Fresh Fitted Mattress Protector not only expands the lifespan but also the enjoyment of your mattress by creating a hygienic environment free of any unwanted stains, odours, or bacteria. In every way, we are trying to help the hospitality industry lower costs while improving guest satisfaction.