Guest Fresh 270gsm Coral Fleece Blanket

Guest Fresh 270gsm Coral Fleece Blanket

Guest Fresh

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Features & Benefits

- Made with higher quality Coral Fleece
- 270gsm Microfibre
- Soft and warm for any season, all year round
- Anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, non-allergenic
- Suitable for both domestic and hospitality use
- Designed to withstand commercial laundering and is fast drying
- Superior warmth and lightweight

Guests love the soft, lightweight comforts of our Coral Fleece Blanket. Its unique microfibre properties make for a hygienic, season-friendly blanket that provides cosy comfort all year round. Fluffier and of a higher quality than its cousin, Polar Fleece, Coral Fleece is a superior fleece weave offering the warmth and softness of traditional blankets without the added weight. Though luxuriously soft, our Coral Fleece blanket is durable and designed to withstand the effects of commercial laundering making it perfect for both commercial and domestic use.


S/LSB - 180x240cm 
DB - 220x240cm
Q/KB - 270x240cm 

The Superior Fleece

Fleece is a soft, cosy material that mimics the warmth of wool without the itch. Though traditionally synthetic, fleece is moisture-wicking which means it creates a cocoon of warm, dry air around you for a cosier rest.

We believe quality comfort comes from quality fabric which is why we chose Coral Fleece over other weaves for our fleece blankets. Softer and furrier, Coral Fleece is perfect for blankets as it provides consistent warmth and comfort that doesn't fade with the effects of everyday, commercial washing.

Its deluxe look-and-feel makes for a cosy edition to both indoor or outdoor settings for all your rest and sleeping needs. While warm and durable, the lightweight microfibre makes it season-friendly ensuring snuggly comfort all year round.

Versatile and Durable

Our Coral Fleece Blanket boasts many benefits thanks to its composition. The Microfibre blankets allow for added hygiene benefits, softness, and a lightness that does not take away from its ability to be both warm and comfortable without any added bulk.

Perfect for both commercial and domestic use, our Coral Fleece blanket maintains its quality throughout continued commercial washing and is fast-drying for a faster washing experience.

Its ability to provide warmth, softness, and cosiness sees it tick all the boxes of a good blanket making it an excellent addition to any room. Drape it over a bed for extra warmth or add them to a basket in an outside seating area for a quick fix to a cold breeze- the blanket's versatility and unwavering quality make it a must for any hotel or home.