Guest First 620gsm Bath Mat

Guest First 620gsm Bath Mat

Guest First

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A good commercial towel is a triple threat: soft, super absorbent, and durable. Ticking all these boxes and then some, the First Guest White Bathroom Towels Collection excels performs well in any commercial setting, be it a large commercial hotel or an independent Airbnb.

The bathroom towels' fibres see to comfort while its finer details provide finishes that fortify the fabric, adding to the range's longevity. Designed to withstand commercial washing and remain shrink-resistant through the drying process, this towel range keeps your guests and staff happy - as much of a pleasure to use as it is to service.

Features and benefits:

-100% combed cotton 620gsm towel
-Header: One end drop pile 
-Bath Mat: 100% cotton Jacquard Bath Mats 800GSM


BM - 50x80cm

High-Performance Towels

The range's 620gsm combed cotton covers your basics (softness and absorption) while their detail-oriented design elevates the user experience and fortifies the fabric against the effects of commercial laundering thus improving longevity. The range's natural composition sees premium softness and absorption while its crisp white finish and double-stitched hem make them an aesthetically pleasing touch to any setting. Coming as a collective, the range ensures all of your guests' bathroom towel needs are taken care of: a mat for quick absorption and dry floors, a full-length towel for the body, a face towel, and a hand towel for basin washing.



Since the range was designed with your budget in mind, regular machine washing will not degrade the structure of the cotton ensuring you and your guests can enjoy years of return on your towel investment. The range's inclusion of a drop-pile header on one end ensures there will be no shrinkage in the drying process too. With washing ease and the promise of a quick turnaround, you can be sure your staff will love this range as much as your guests do.