Guest Fresh Microfibre Pillow Menu

Guest Fresh Microfibre Pillow Menu

Guest Fresh

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No matter your guests' sleeping style or preference, the Guest Fresh Microfibre Pillow Menu has something for everyone. Developed and introduced back in 2001, the Guest Fresh Pillow menu has since gained a reputation as the market leader in high-performance pillows. We have recently improved upon this collection with the ‘Guest Fresh Next Gen Pillow Range.'

Our microfibre pillows are as delightful to use as they are to service. From their microfibre composition and comfort to their machine washing benefits and durability, this range has more than earned its reputation as a hotel favourite and Australia's most affordable, allergy-free pillows.

Features and benefits:

- 100% microfibre pillow range
- Allergy-free
- 3 height profiles to choose from
- Edging - double-sided and piped
- Coloured labelling to easy identify pillow profile
- Outer: 230T Microfibre piped
- Inner: 100% Microfibre

Profile Weights

Standard 50x70cm
Low – 700gms
Medium – 900gms
High – 1100gms
King 50x90cm
Low – 780gms
Medium – 1040gms
High – 1290gms

Microfibre Pillow = Peak Performance

The Guest Fresh Microfibre Pillow menu is a go-to for any commercial or domestic setting looking for quality pillows that are as durable as they are crowd-pleasing. The pillow's microfibre fill ensures comfortable use and ample support. We dare say it is the holy grail of softness without ever losing its shape. The range's hypoallergenic composition ensures allergy sufferers will rest easy too.

From its premium comfort to its host of benefits, this pillow range is a sure way to add a level of luxury to your sleep experience, be it your own or that of your guests.


While choosing from the pillow menu is up to the preference of the buyer, we recommend that each bed has 2 medium profile pillows at the back as well as one low and high profile upfront. To aid in a fast turnaround, each profile has a coloured label for easy identification.

To further improve on your pillow investment, we also recommend purchasing the Guest Fresh Pillow Protector as well as the 50/50 polyester and cotton cover pillowcases. That way each microfibre pillow will have a chance to give your guests relaxing sleep for years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: New shipment of pillows is white piping with coloured care labels