Winter Tip - Weight & Wool Does Not = Warmth

Winter Tip - Weight & Wool Does Not = Warmth

If you’re a hot & sweaty sleeper (even during the cold months), it’s now time for a modern change in your winter bedding!  Being a warm sleeper is very common BUT this is possibly due a preconceived understanding of your bedding and blanket choices.  What we previously thought is the way to go for bedding warmth may in fact be causing overheating.  When we are chilled, we sweat - this is called hypothermia.  First rule is layering… second rule is to use compatible, non-sweating products such as high quality microfibre blankets and doonas.  This way you’re guaranteed to sleep snug & sound (& sweat free) all winter long.  You can make your bed a lot more comfortable with just a few simple changes to your bedding.  

Here’s what really works...

1. Microfibre Doona/Duvets/Quilts – The perfect Doona for use all year round is theMicrofibre Doona/Duvet.  Modern technologies in design have made microfibre products a great alternative to heavy feather & down (or other natural fill doonas) products.  Guest Fresh, 5 Star, Microfibre Doonas offer the softness of feather and down with all the latest hygiene benefits especially if you're sensitive or allergic to natural fillings, or if your doona is likely to require frequent washing.  We generate heat at night while we sleep so you don’t want (or have) to feel overheated under unnecessary bulky and heavy blankets anymore.  Microfibre has become the popular choice for renowned hotel chains throughout Australia due the luxury, warmth, hygiene and affordability.  Guest Fresh Microfibre Doonas are also the perfect addition to the family home.

2. Microfibre Blankets – We highly recommend lightweight Microfibre Fleece Blankets that are durable and easy to care for, making them a great practical choice. Gone are the days of using heavy woollen covers or itchy blankets for winter.  Wool can be typically too hot and cause overheating.  Microfibre blankets are plush & soft with a lovely bounce back quality. They can provide great comfort and are the perfect warming solution for every season at such an affordable price.  Microfibre Fleece and Ultra Guest Fresh Plush Blankets have definitely won our consumer test with the luxuriously soft feel and stylish look.  Our microfibre blanket range is fully machine washable and can be tumble dried (on low heat) or line dried quickly for convenience.

Microfibre products are definitely the latest trend for quality, hygienic bedding that doesn't break the budget!  But don’t be mistaken friends, “Microfibre” is polyester but it is of the highest quality and in being so, it is a considerably finer in yarn diameter. The true meaning is “less than one denier in thickness.”  mainlinen Microfibre Doonas and Blankets have awesome thermal properties and can be used all year round (simply add a stylish,  plush blanket to your bed in the cooler months). Perfect for the budget conscience too as microfibre products are always priced in the affordably.  

We pride ourselves on being Australia’s leading supplier of the finest hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and allergy free microfibre products.  Our microfibre range is ‘Eco-friendly’ so you can have peace of mind when purchasing our high quality, commercial linen knowing you have made an environmentally-friendly choice.

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