How to become an Airbnb Superhost!

How to become an Airbnb Superhost!


Airbnb Super HostAlways take the advice & tips from the Airbnb founders below (they know their stuff)!

 It’s really not that complicated or difficult to achieve Superhost status and you’ll qualify and be reaping the rewards (mega dollars!!) in no time at all if you follow our Superhost guide below.  As Australia's leading airbnb experts, we know just how to get your short term stay up & running and on the way to becoming a Superhost.

1.       Host at least 10 trips

2.       Maintain a 90% response rate or higher

3.       Receive a 5-star review at least 80% of the time you’ve been reviewed

4.       Complete each of your confirmed reservations without cancelling

5.       Meet the programme requirements (by assessment date)

6.       Follow our styles tips and advice and decorate your space with beautiful, fresh linen, towelling & bedding (OK, this one is ours!)

Just so you know that you’re getting the best advice from the experts; we service thousands of airbnb’s, stayz and short term accoms throughout Oz (as well as 30 years supplying hundreds of 5 star hotels around the country…but we don’t like to brag).  We have an entire team of airbnb specialists dedicated & ready to help you set up & decorate your bedrooms, bathrooms and lounge rooms from start to finish.

Let’s get Started…

≈ KEEP IT SIMPLE - Guests will feel welcome if you offer them a clutter free, clean & cosy space to relax in. Therefore, we suggest starting with fresh, classic white bed-linens for the bedrooms.  BIG TIP:  It’s essential to purchase only quality, commercial bedding & bathroom items like sheetingpillowstowellingdoonasdoona coversmattress protectors & toppersblankets etc. and not expensive retail made products that will quickly wear out from heavy laundering (trust us, you will be washing a lot folks)  

Click HERE to easily register for a wholesale account and get exclusive commercial products and prices

≈ BE HONEST - Avoid misleading guests by beautifying rooms with stunning decorative items (just for the airbnb website images) and then remove them before they arrive.  They will be expecting what they’ve seen on the website, so make sure to deliver this or no 5-star review for you unfortunately! 

≈ CREATE A 5-STAR EXPERIENCE – Don’t get lazy in terms of space availability, communication, hygienic hospitality products and a friendly face.  It’s 100% possible to offer nothing less than a 5-star experience (giving you a 5-star rating!).  To maintain this Superhost rating it really is the “little things” that add up in the end.  When your guests walk into the bathroom or bedroom and see a couple of soft, fluffy bathrobes, just for them, they will feel pampered and really appreciate it (& probably squeal with delight).  Other luxury items to keep your top rating in check are luxury mattress toppers, your guests will thank you for the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had & always remember the experience, “it’s just like sleeping on a cloud” 

SUPERHOST HOT TIP:  Remember it’s always the little, special things that really count most and will have your guests returning time and time again and referring you to friends all the time!

Regardless your airbnb hosting history so far (you will get the hang of it soon enough) your Superhost status is absolutely within reach.  Just put that airbnb Superhost hat on now, be prepared for a bit or work, offer more availability if possible, be warm and hospitable (you’re in the hospitality industry to now), communicate well, offer a few little memorable luxuries and that beautiful Superhost profile badge will be yours in no time for all the world to see.  

If you want professional, industry advice on anything from ‘how to set-up your airbnb’, to what the most essential & popular products are, to the hottest style tips, hints and other short term stay advice just ask us – THE AIRBNB EXPERTS! We can have your airbnb set up within the week so you can focus on becoming the best Superhost you can be.



*Must be registered and logged in as a wholesale customer to view actual commercial pricing online

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