Does Thread Count Even Count?

Does Thread Count Even Count?
Let us tell you a yarn (pardon the pun) about Bed Sheets.
Most linen lovers think when shopping for luxury sheeting, the higher the thread count, the better the sheeting.  Our linen expert ( & big boss), Lawrie, will tell you every time that IT’S NOT ABOUT THREAD COUNT, but quality and construction of the yarn and weave that really matters.
Many retail bedding outlets can exaggerate sheeting thread counts for a higher price tag but we know, from years of hospitality industry experience, that thread count alone does not indicate nor guarantee better quality sheets.  Sometimes the higher thread count sheeting (if not of the highest quality material) can result in heavy sheets that don’t allow breathability, can feel rough and uncomfortable and does not ensure sleep wellness or maintain durability. 
The team at mainlinen are bed sheeting specialists and we recognise how little thread count matters.  For example, thread count of 310 is actually quite ample and suitable with the correct construction and finish applied.  Believe it or not, cotton is not a stable material & is subject to shrinkage, fire and wearing out!  Most consumers don’t realise that due to the strength and innovation of commercial linen, 50/50 polyester cotton is far superior to cotton used on its own.  Polyester blend sheets greatly improves all aspects of your sheeting.  Our Guest First commercial sheeting range is up to 50% stronger than the 100% cotton counterpart.  Maybe give it a try, you won’t be disappointed
Q: What determines the quality of a good sheet? Is it the sheeting thread count?   
A: NO. Construction and quality of the bed sheet and sheeting yarn is where it’s at friends!
Q: Is 100% cotton sheeting the best quality sheeting?    
AThe surprise the answer is NO. Why not try a cotton/polyester blend sheeting – you will love it!
Q: Luxury sheeting GSM (grams per square meter) must be an important factor?
AGSM rating does not always affect quality. It only affects the overall thickness          
Q: If the price tag is higher it’s a more quality sheeting right?                      
A:  NO WAY –and now you know that quality is not just about the number, don’t be fooled by too high price tags for luxury thread count sheeting
In the end, go with the thread count that you prefer and that feels wonderful on your skin!

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