Beautiful Bed Linen Buying Guide

Beautiful Bed Linen Buying Guide
Want to Style your Bedroom like a Luxury Hotel?  
Follow our simple linen guide and you too can sleep in five-star elegance everyday.  Our Design team have put together this simple step by step linen guide to help bring multiple bedroom design elements together to make your boudoir beautiful! 

The First Layer

Step 1The Mattress Topper 

The ultimate in luxury and a ‘must have’ bedding product of our luxury hotels.  If you don’t want the expense of upgrading your mattress, than the mattress topper is the next best thing for sure! Highly recommend! Handy Hint...If you want to add extra comfort to your upgraded mattress OR you didn’t make the right decision when purchasing... an easy fix!

Step 2: The Mattress Protector 

People don’t realise the importance of the mighty mattress protector. Quilted Microfibre mattress protectors are our top recommendation.  Not just convenient for laundering purposes (quick machine wash & dry in no time) but adds longevity to the topper and the mattress.

Step 3: The Fitted Sheet

You’ll want your fitted sheet crisp and crease less.  Make sure to get commercial or good quality fitted sheets. For the perfect crisp, anti- shrink, anti-pill and durable sheeting, we strongly recommend 50% polyester+ 50% cotton combo.  Of course if you love your 100% cotton sheeting just go with the thread count that you prefer and the sheets that feel wonderful on your skin!

Now, we move on to the top layers...

Step 4: The Flat Sheet 

This layer is a thin bed sheet that unlike the fitted sheets, will only be tucked in from 3 sides …Leave it loose from the top side. To get that 5-star style and go for the crisp sateen stripe sheeting. (Handy item to have in the summer months when it’s too hot for a warming agent/doona/blanket)

Step 5: The Doona/Blanket 

This is the thicker layer of your luxury bed. Go for a quilted Microfibre doona (the simple white ones are a hotel favourite).  Lay the doona over the flat sheet, making sure it falls over the sides equally. Now, grab the flat sheet and the doona or blanket and fold them down to about 20 cm from the top.

Let’s get to the decorative layers...

Step 6The Bed Throw & Bed Runners 

A bed throw can be a simple ultra-plush blanket, or faux fur, something super soft and luxurious. Layer it over the flat sheet or simply lay at the foot of the bed.  A simple, stylish, Guest Decorator Bed Runner at the foot of the bed can compliment the theme of your room.

Step 7: The Pillows & Cushions

Finally, we get to the pillows. Pillows can be layered.  Starting with big/king pillow, then medium/ standard ones (remember pillows come in all different sizes, profiles, and firmness). Add a couple of stylish, bright cushions to mix and match colours and patterns.

If you really want to make your bed five-star quality just like the hotels, iron your sheets after each wash to eliminate wrinkles and add a certain crispness.

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