Be the Hostess with the Mostest this Christmas

Be the Hostess with the Mostest this Christmas

Guest arriving soon? Having friends and family stay over can be an exciting time, but it generally means that you will be providing for more people than usual.  Maybe it’s time to brighten up your guest bedroom & bathroom in time for the holidays! Follow our great home styling tips and your guests are sure to feel right at home in your home!

The Perfect Guest Bedroom

Give the bedroom an extra good tidy, make sure windows are sparkly clean & the room is smelling fresh (a bunch of sweet-smelling flowers in a vase is always lovely).  A nice little basket on the bedside table with some basics (hand cream, tissues, magazines, bottled water) is a treat for your guests.  A beside lamp is always a must.  

Get some soft microfibre pillowfor the bed (these pillows will cater to all guests’ with neck & back issues).  Fresh, crisp sheets are a must to make your guests feel right at home. Don’t forget to add a ultra-soft blanket or throw to the end of bed in case the evenings gets cool.  If you don’t know what type of sheeting to use in the guest bedroom we recommend 300+ thread count sheets that are soft and light, or a 675 thread count sheet which is soft and dense (if you want pure luxury go with 1000 thread count sheets).  If you want to totally spoil your guests, hang a soft fluffy bath robe on a hook behind the door for their use throughout the visit.  Don't have a spare bedroom? Buy (or borrow) a mattress & add a luxury mattress topper for comfort (an inflatable air mattress will also do)

The Perfect Guest Bathroom

Make your guests feel comfortable and pampered with a beautiful (yet simple) Guest Bathroom that caters to all of their needs. Here’s some fab ideas on how to stock up with everything they might need during their stay.

Banish the old, worn towelling in your bathroom and get out the good stuff for your guests.  Lay out a beautiful matching towel set of 2 luxury towels, a soft hand towel (change the hand towel regularly so your guests aren’t using a damp towel to dry their hands), 2 face washers (& don’t forget the matching bath mat).  Grab some hooks to hang towelling or bath robes on and set the mood with a great scented candle, or reed diffuser.  Lay out some travel size toiletries - shampoo & conditioner, a bar of fragrant soap, or luxury body wash, toothpaste, a toothbrush, razors and a lovely body lotion.  If you own a pool or live near the beach, don’t forget to provide a funky beach towel or 2.

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