Why classic white bedding never dates..

Why classic white bedding never dates..

When our design team is asked about the most beautiful, sophisticated bedroom looks, they will always first recommend stunning, classic white bedding style!  You just can’t go wrong with crisp white bedlinens that will make your bedroom feel fresh and dreamy.  If you like to change up your rooms theme every season, or just love buying new, beautiful bedroom décor to mix things up – WHITE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!  mainlinen’s head designer offers her top 4 style tips (and reasons) why white is forever wonderful -

1. FOR THE BUDGET CONSCIOUS  The budget can sure blow out when purchasing quality bedding and linen but it really doesn’t have to.  For a cost effective choice, select classic all white linens over the more expensive coloured varieties.  You will find using the always on trend ‘white linen basics’ -white fitted and flat sheet, white pillowcases and doona covers so affordable and versatile for any bed in any room.  Saving you lots of $$$.

TIP: For next level luxury try the 5 star hotel look and go with a white sateen stripe linen and accessories.

2. MIX N MATCH IS NOW A BREEZE  The bed itself is always the main feature of any room so sticking to an all white linen base means you can give your bedroom an entire ‘new look’ anytime you want simply with the addition of bright, bold accessories such as cushions, bed-runners, throws or blankets. Why not add a few cool homeware items to the bedroom and, Voila, a new space has been born simply and easily with just a few pieces and without breaking the budget. 

3. ALWAYS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR  White is always the most stunning background to work with and the same goes for your bedding.  White gives the appeal of freshness, calmness and cleanness and can make a bedroom seem less cluttered (and even appear larger if you’re working with a small, dark bedroom).  White can transform a basic, darkly lit room into an open yet opulent space that you can fully relax in.

4. WHITER THAN WHITE  Apart from the central fact that white never goes out of style, possibly the #1 white linen selling point is the ease of laundering and longevity of these linens.  You can wash your white linens at warm-hot temps (unlike most coloured sheeting) killing germs and removing any dirt between the threads, so practicality and freshness is always on point.  Read our linen & bedding wash and care guide HERE

TIP: To make your white sheeting look brand new soak in some Napisan (or similar) every now and then - DO NOT USE BLEACH OR SHEETS MAY TURN YELLOW!

Now that you’ve got the classic white linen backdrop sorted, you know how simple it is to transform your bedroom into a whole new space of colour and fun that will break up dark colours and busy patterns.  With a white linen bedroom base you can be easily update your boudoirs accessories anytime without the expensive price tag.  White might seem a bit boring to some but white bedlinen is the easiest design template for any bedroom no matter what size room or wall colour. 

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